Infrafone Sonic Cleaning can be used to keep economizers clean in different types of boilers, using different types of fuels. By applying Infrafone Sonic Cleaning on economizers the use of conventional cleaning systems can be reduced or even eliminated. Conventional cleaning methods are often inefficient when it comes to reaching all parts of the economizers, especially for economizers with small tube pitch or fin tube economizers. The use of highly reflective, long wavelength infrasound that can travel long distances and is not shielded by obstacles (tubes) means that all parts of the economizer bundles are reached.

Extensive  Maintenance will results in :

  • Reduced steam consumption for steam soot cleaning. Increase energy production or reduce fuel costs while production is maintained.
  • Increased lifetime of tubes and elements. Non-abrasive sonic cleaning increases the lifetime of tubes and elements by reducing the need for conventional cleaning systems. Infrafone Sonic Cleaning does not contribute to corrosion or erosion of tubes and elements.
  • Lower and more stable differential pressure. Infrafone Sonic Cleaning system reaches areas that are not accessible to conventional soot cleaning systems. This leads to reduced soot accumulation and reduced power consumption of ID/FD fans.
  • Fewer outages for manual cleaning. Increased availability and energy production