First the drums are unloaded, opened and inspected. Any drums that have dents are sent to the de-denter to have them removed.

The drums are then flushed with a cleaning solution of sodium hydroxide (soap) and water heated to approximately 180 degrees. The outside is washed with a similar cleaning solution and rinsed with water. The inside gets rinsed, steamed, vacuumed and inspected.

If the drums have any rust they are chained and sent through the process again. If the drums pass inspection they are sprayed with a rust inhibitor, capped and sent to the double chime sealer. After the chimes are re-sealed the drums are blasted, leak tested, and painted.

During the final step in our process the drums are inspected, loaded and ready to be delivered. If any drum does not pass our three inspections or is unable to meet the current UN regulations they are washed, crushed, and recycled into a raw steel resource.